The Problem Isn't Your Hair-

It's Your Towel


Great Results Every Time

How Hair Remedie Works for your hair

Hair Remedie works because your hair is most vulnerable to breakage when it is wet. So most of us take a rough, terrycloth towel and dry our hair. The results are damaged, dry and frizzed hair. Hair Remedie works to tame your hair because the terrycloth is never exposed to your hair. The super soft t-shirt material is the only thing that touches your hair. Try touching your favorite t-shirt and a regular towel and you can feel which one is softer. The terrycloth is layered in the middle to absorb all the water and never damage. The results are consistent  with each use and actually improve the quality of hair with continued use. Just imagine taking your hair out of the towel and it is ready to style. No more taming all the frizz and mess left behind by a regular towel. Cut your styling time down and use less of your favorite hair products to achieve better results. 


Regular Towel vs. Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel

How changing the way you dry your hair, will change your hair

Hair Remedie works consistently, every time for amazing results. The patented, revolutionary design has two pieces of soft and smooth t-shirt material covering a super-absorbent terrycloth. Not only does your hair dry faster but it dries frizz-free and healthier than ever before. Hair Remedie protects hair during the drying process with the end result of curls stay intact, wavy hair stays beautiful and straight hair keeps the frizz-free appearance. No longer dread humid days and use a ton of gels, creams and spray for mediocre results. 

Hair Remedie is machine washable and tumble dry, making Hair Remedie completely reusable. It is safe for all types of hair, lengths and styles, including color-treated.

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